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Solar Update, Hinged It!

Our solar and electrical system has been optimized for a while now (See our post on "2021 Bushwhacker Wiring. Improved"), but with two separate panels it has been a bit of a pain to lug them around.

So we hinged it!

Connecting the panels with small door hinges allows them to fold in toward each other, protecting the panels, and now MUCH easier to carry around and set up.

This project is really simple to do, but you have to be VERY CAREFUL when drilling to not damage your panels.

Below is the How, the Complete (Pictures), and at the bottom the materials (Amazon).

The How

For this project I didn't want to use self tapping screws since the frame of the panel is aluminum for fear they would wiggle loose over time.

I wanted to be able to fold the panels in toward themselves for protection, so I picked these hinges. They allow for the panels to be closed in or folded out perfectly.

  1. I placed the hinge where I wanted it and then marked my holes for drilling. I also double checked that the bolts would not be too close to the panel itself.

  2. Drilled each hole then bolted in place. I used lock-tite on the nuts to ensure they do not loosen up over time.

  3. Once in place and range of motion checked, I put my stand brackets back on.

It's that simple!




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