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Exploring the Wild Beauty of North Carolina's National Parks!

We LOVE camping in the National Parks in North Carolina. Whether on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or other sites across the state, these campgrounds are super affordable, very accessible, and offer spread out sites. There's something truly magical about waking up to the sounds of nature and the beauty of our national parks. North Carolina offers a treasure trove of outdoor wonders, and its national parks are no exception. The lush forests, the misty peaks, and the tranquil streams are a testament to the wonders of natural. Whether you're an avid hiker, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply looking for a peaceful escape, North Carolina's national parks have something for everyone. From the Blue Ridge Parkway to Cape Hatteras National Seashore, you're bound to find your own slice of paradise. So, if you're seeking adventure, serenity, or a little bit of both, pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and immerse yourself in the beauty of North Carolina's national parks.

Availability and reservation policies vary, so it's a good idea to check including whether reservations are required or if there are any seasonal closures.

If you want to stay on the Blue Ridge Parkway, here is a list of sites!

Key Information:

  1. Many sites are “First Come First Served” which means they can’t be reserved. You show up, pick a site, then go and pay.

  2. It's also worth noting that these sites are Boondocking, meaning there are no hook-ups (water, electric or septic). These campgrounds do have Potable (Fresh Water) fill stations and dump stations, but you will need to ensure your electrical system is ready to be off grid for your stay. Most RV or Camper travelers use a generator or solar to recharge the batteries. Plan accordingly!

North Carolina:

· Julian Price Park Campground: Located at Milepost 297, this campground offers beautiful mountain views and is close to hiking trails and Price Lake.

· Linville Falls Campground: Near Milepost 316, this campground is close to the stunning Linville Falls and offers hiking opportunities in the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area.

· Crabtree Falls Campground: At Milepost 339.5, this campground is near the picturesque Crabtree Falls and offers a serene camping experience.

· Mt. Pisgah Campground: Located at Milepost 408.8, it's a great spot for hiking and exploring the Pisgah National Forest.


· Doughton Park Campground: At Milepost 241.1, this campground is known for its beautiful meadows and proximity to Bluff Mountain and Basin Cove hiking trails.

· Mabry Mill Campground: Near Milepost 176.1, this campground is famous for its historic Mabry Mill and offers a picturesque setting.

· Rocky Knob Campground: Located at Milepost 167.1, this campground offers a peaceful setting and access to hiking trails.

· Peaks of Otter Campground: Located at Milepost 85.6, this campground is nestled in the Peaks of Otter area and provides access to Sharp Top and Harkening Hill hiking trails.

So wherever you stay, and how every you camp, get out there and make some memories!!!

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