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TC 2.0's Storage Upgrade

I had to pull the front panel on the through storage for our battery upgrade, so I thought why not improve the storage while I am there. I saw this idea originally on Pinterest and thought, LOVE THAT. BTW, if you are not on Pinterest and you like doing modifications to your camper I highly recommend it.

This design is simple, allows easy access to the most repeatable items, and they have not come off, even when we have been on some rough roads (Like I-95 in South Carolina!)

I did add one 1x4 support in the middle to allow me to split the peg board right in the center. Splitting the peg board in two halves make it easy in the future if you need access to remove only the section you need.

Couple of notes and hints.

  1. Use short drywall screws so they do not go past the 1x4.

  2. Add washers to the screw. This will prevent the screw from pulling through the peg board and also do a better job of securing it.

  3. This is also the perfect time to add more insulation in that front area. I added an additional layer to provide even more barrier from the elements.

Have fun!

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