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Just a little canopy, our outside patio.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

A lot of folks have asked about our canopy, so I thought I would throw this together. Fyi, links for everything is at the bottom.

The upsides Let me start off with we love this canopy. We originally saw it in a couple of posts on Facebook and decided to give it a try. It is waterproof, sets up easy, and with the side panels down also provides some additional privacy when needed. It also packs up into a tiny little bag which saves a ton of space, and in our tiny little camper storage space is a commodity.

The downsides There's really only one, the tent posts that come with are not strong. Recommend replacing them. I put a link to the one's we replaced with in the inventory at the bottom. The other thing worth mentioning is if the wind is getting high, it's better to take it down. This was not designed to withstand high winds.

Setup Setup with this unit is really easy. It can be done with one person, although I strongly recommend two. It can be a bit of a challenge on your own. Once you have the three structural posts in (don't forget to tie it in the center, set it up on the camper. We used 4 suction cups to hold it to the camper which works perfect (link in inventory). Attach the straps first and leave the flaps loose. Then set up the tent poles and set up the tie downs and tent stakes. Then you can connect the side flaps.

It's as easy as that!! Hope you have enjoyed this short tutorial.



REDCAMP Waterproof Car Awning Sun Shelter, Portable Auto Canopy Camper Trailer Sun Shade for Camping, Outdoor, SUV, Beach Beige

Suction Cups: You will need 4 total

REDCAMP Heavy Duty Suction Cup Anchor with Securing Hook Tie Down, Camping Tarp Accessory as Car Side Awning, 2 Pieces

Tent Poles:

Adjustable Tarp Poles Set of 2 for Tents, Camping, Shelters, Hiking, Awnings (Silver)

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