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Welcome TC 2.0!!!

As you saw in our previous post, TC (Tiny Camper) has gone to a new owner, and we will miss her, but we welcome TC 2.0!

Why did we change? Well... first, it's hard to sleep in a camper queen with two 50 pound pups. Second, with more freedom to be able to work remote, we want to take longer trips, which means we can do some work from the road, so we needed something bigger that would give us some work space.

Our new Camper is a 2018 Cruiser RV 2120RB MPG. We never really realized how small TC was until we spent a week and a half in this guy the first week of January. Right after we bought it we followed by Brother (A Full Time Nomad) down to our cousins in Florida for a week for some much needed family time. What a shake down trip!! But more about that in another post. ;-)

This 26' has a slide out, tons of storage space, and pulls like a dream. Yes, in my true style, the upgrades are coming... Several are being spec'd out as we speak.

So keep following, much more to come!!!

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