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Stone Mountain State Park, NC - Mar 2-5, 2023

Rating 9-10 (We will DEFINITELY be back)

Hook-ups: Water, electric (20-30-50 and

Cell service here is weak at best. Our T-Mobile home internet had zero bars, Verizon has 1-2 bars, enough to get the Wi-Fi working.

I have been going to this State Park fly fishing for over 2 decades, but only our second time camping here. The first time was long ago when the kids were small. We camped in a tent back then, so first time in a camper. MUCH IMPROVED. :-)

We stayed at Loop B, Site 075, which was a great spot. This state park offers so much with great hiking, waterfalls, the view of Stone Mountain, and incredible trout fishing. The trout fishing here is delayed harvest, which means from the first Saturday in October to the First Saturday in June it is catch and release only. There are also special requirements on the stream (Single Hook Only) so consult the state guides to make sure you are compliant.

There is a great little county store at the top of the park that has food and ice cream, and some of the basics should you had forgotten something at home.

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