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It's been quiet right?

It's been quiet here right? Let me start by saying it's not you it's us. We have been insanely busy. We had all these plans for camping this year, and it started out great. We had a bunch of trips, introduced out new pup Luke to the camping world, and then we decided we wanted to changes houses. Hello wrench.

We wanted to gain space and lose space. I know doesn't make sense. We are empty nesters, and our 3400 square foot HOA home just didn't fit our needs anymore. Too big, too many people, couldn't park the camper at the house. So we downsized the house and upsized the land with a few acres, minus the HOA so TC could be with us all the time.

We will definitely be getting back to camping, so don't run away just yet. ;-) But... (yeah, there's always one of those isn't there) But... We will be changing campers in the winter / spring. While TC has been an incredible little camper, a brilliant way to dip our feet into the life of camping, and a wonder instructor and test subject for mods, with our two pups we need a bit more space. Plus we want something large enough that friends or family can come along for the experience once in a while.

We don't know if we will change the name of this site yet, but I definitely do not want to get rid of the content that people owning Braxton Creek campers or new to camping have found so useful. In the mean time feel free to download, share, and leverage our content on mods, apps, and the sites we have visited. There WILL be more to come as we continue our journey!!!

Ralph, Dia, Jasper, Luke, and TC

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