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Boondocking and a Change in Direction

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

So we were all set to head to Jones Lake State Park, and then my wife asked if I wanted to see if my brother wanted company on the BRP (Blue Ridge Parkway). Uhm, yeah! So instead of having 3 hours to finish packing we were suddenly scrambling to leave in ONE HOUR. LOL....

The big difference though was full hook-ups at Jones Lake, and Boondocking in the BRP. Something we had never done before. But life is supposed to be about new experiences, right? So we threw everything together, including the new Renogy Solar kit I had just purchased (Still in box), and off we went!

What is Boondocking? Boondocking is camping without all the amenities, and it can be a cost-effective and fun way to travel in a camper or RV. Sure, it’s a little intimidating at first, but with the right planning you can confidently hit the road and camp in spots that a lot of folks will avoid, or don't even know about. For more about Boondocking check out this great article by The Dyrt.

We ended up going to Rocky Knob Campground which is near Floyd, Virginia. If you haven't camped on the BRP, I highly recommend it. The BRP sites do require boondocking, but it also requires little planning as many of the sites are "First Come First Served" (FCFS), meaning they can't be reserved. You show up and pick the site you want. (Click Here for a brochure) But... I don't suggest you show up on Saturday morning and expect them all to be empty.

One thing I will say about this camp site. The roads are one way. I say that because the pull in for some of these sites are NOT in the right direction. I get this campsite was probably originally set up for tents in the 60's or 70's, but if you are not on T Loop, and doing a FCFS site, choose wisely... We were on A13 (to be beside my brother), and di have to go the wrong way to back in. These sites (Besides T Loop) are also a 17 foot max length site. Our camper is a 15 foot and we could barely get our TV in the space with the camper. (see below)

Our Site Details:

The sites are really spread out, staff is great, and everything is well maintained. They even have live music on Saturday nights.

Saturday we went right up the road at Milepost 176 to Mabry Mill. This is a great place to go and walk, check out all of the historical, and grab an ice cream from the store. There is also a restaurant there, but we stayed with the ice cream.

It is always a great weekend spending time with my brother and his wife. Our pups love each other, we kick it around the fire and play guitar and have a great time. Below are more pictures from the weekend!

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